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What do we got here? A lot of 'lifehacks', or tips :)
Check them out! You might use one of them today :)


Domestic / School / Work hacks:
What do we got here? A lot of 'lifehacks', or tips :)
Check them out! You might use one of them today :)


Domestic School Work hacks there, and...

Free stuff / Health / Misc hacks:

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30 Response to "Life hacks - Useful tips"

  1. Blk Jesus says:

    very nice tips like the hanger idea very genius

    Great advice bro

    CSIFOTI says:

    I love stuff like this. These tips can really come in handy in some truly unexpected ways.

    i'm gonna use the phone charger one soon

    JkF50 says:

    Love the post, Where did you get this design of your blog from? Send me in a message I'd be very interested to know!

    Earl says:

    Eating lunch right now, in an hour or so I'LLC be getting paid to poop.

    Pieter says:

    Those are some great tips man! Looking forward to seeing more.

    Magnum says:

    Thanks for those pictures! I've been looking for the complete set, as they are partially posted on different sites, never 'fully' until today, I believe.

    Stephen says:

    Cool. I'm sure that most of this will come in handy! Thanks for the share!

    Wow! These are a lot of good tips. Thanks for sharing.

    Asty says:

    nice stuff

    great upgrade to the blog

    MacTuffy says:

    I love infographics like this, this is the stuff thats awesome for the real life. Now I gotta make sure I remember to remember all of em!!

    Moobeat says:


    Unrated says:

    I've seen one of these before. they helped me a lot.

    Nice tips, I wonder where you can find this !

    GamerGanz says:

    Thanks for sharing these.
    Check out my blog too :D

    Mike says:

    Coconut milk as an IV fluid, sounds interesting.

    Aahhh, the beer taster was looking to good to be true...

    Bob says:

    Fantastic stuff! Following for more :)

    ZageGuy says:

    Haha these are so great! I tried the one of the elevator and so far it's worked each time...niice.

    Anónimo says:

    I knew this one, it's pretty good.

    Malkavian says:

    And my HAX

    Roysizzle says:

    Cool shit bro. Finding this stuff out must've been tedious.

    Jandro says:

    Thanks for the tips brah. I'll be using some of them around.

    I honestly just went downstairs to fix my aluminum foil container haha, i had no idea about the side flaps

    Jandro says:

    Thanks for sharing this i got some laughs out of some of the "hacks" though.

    Sweet dude!

    Simon says:

    Some good tips here.

    Larissa says:

    Hacks are so funny and interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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