Beer! Who doesn't like beer? Here you have another diagram, a well made one, are you confused about the kind of beer you like? Check it out, it's actually really helpful!

I do not own the picture, actually I don't know who made it but I don't take any credit. Cheers!

26 Response to "BEER!"

  1. Equality says:

    Wow, I had absolutely no idea there were so many different kinds of beers. I guess it's my obligation to try em all :P

    Verona says:

    hahaha I am right there in the middle with ALE

    That made my day thanks man.

    Marieke says:

    I don't like beer. But nice pic! :D


    nice blog mate

    Forgot to comment with the ;;

    Pieter says:

    I don't like beer :/
    But I do like this diagram! :)

    Who would have thought that beer could be so complicated?

    Caos says:

    Good luck with the new blog!

    fpotd says:

    Hell yeah! I freaken love beer!

    VegaX says:

    Now THIS is what I consider informational!

    animestan says:

    Beer, very bitter. It has to become an acquired taste for me.

    This deserves a quote from Psychostick "BEER IS GOOD"

    billyroll says:

    great picture!! a life map, really :)

    one of the best diagrams lol

    waa97 says:

    This picture is really crazy haha, I love life hacks like this.

    Verona says:

    one word... INCEPTION!

    The Mayor says:

    i usually only drink 30 ounces but hey, it's the weekend!

    KievZenit says:

    Awesome blog!

    Nice chart haha i actually enjoyed seeing the connections

    nufcmiles says:

    Beer = the best

    gman says:

    very comprehensive, apart from its lack of aussie beers!

    Dvallej says:

    i love charts too

    Dvallej says:

    great lay ouy on the blog

    CSIFOTI says:

    Hahaha this is great! That is really cool, man. Thanks for posting this.

    Jandro says:

    geez the chart looks so intense. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE BEER!

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