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Making sense of dreams!


Beer! Who doesn't like beer? Here you have another diagram, a well made one, are you confused about the kind of beer you like? Check it out, it's actually really helpful!

I do not own the picture, actually I don't know who made it but I don't take any credit. Cheers!

Thank you guys, new blog!

Hello everybody! This is a new blog, due to some other problems with 'The Daily Tip Blog', I had to make this one, I hope you can enjoy as well. I promise I will re-decorate to make it look better.

Ever wondered about the relation between each language? Well here you have this picture, a huge tree so you can guide yourself, this might be useful if you're learning a language!

And guys, really, I really really appreciate your support, I can barely believe that I got up to 240 followers and more than 1500 views! Really guys, it makes me really happy to know that the things I post are useful for you, it really motivates me to keep posting.

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