Making sense of dreams!

Of course if you dream about an aligator running a casino in Mordor while playing Xbox with a priest, I can't tell you what that means, but check this out, many time we want to figure out what does ''falling'' in a dream means, of course this does not determines the exact meaning/interpretation of it but I bet you'll find it helpful! 

Have a look!

Created by Marcus K. Vamer

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  1. JakF101 says:

    I hope I stay away from the nightmare part.

    The Wired says:

    I love the 'life hacks' idea and the info pics.. Great coloful blog!!

    Very colorful blog! I enjoy it!

    Also, saved. My girlfriend has recurring dreams. I, on the other hand, have odd dreams about My Little Pony and other various cartoons. The hell is up with that?

    Verona says:

    one word... INCEPTION!

    great !

    Very interesting stuff. Use to do a lot of nightmare when I was a kid

    I love the style of your blog, nice graphic design.

    braumaman says:

    I can't ever remember my dreams. I remember having them, just not what happened in them.

    amazing :)!

    You never stop amaze me with the layouts :)

    Lt Nite says:

    Intersting, to be honest I can't remember enough specific details about my ddreams to interpret them well.

    Kelly says:

    Interesting. I think I might start reading your

    Kelly says:

    Interesting, I think I might start reading your blog.

    JDOGMMA says:

    Love the infograph. Been trying to do more lucid dreaming...

    KuntaJay says:

    Your blog is very nice.
    Interesting post,

    Leminur says:

    Hah... I wonder what is happening inside my mind once I am discovering secrets from so many places.

    Earl says:

    Thinking about dreams before I go to sleep often leads to Epic Dreams. Hope that happens tonight. Dreaming is something I am very intrigued by.

    Anónimo says:

    When I was young I dreamed that I jumped higher and higher, and then I was flying, but it wasn't easy to keep up in the air.

    awesome blog!

    hoaks2 says:

    Damn... too bad the Mordor thing is my exact dream every night...

    Damian says:

    Today i have dream,i was completly naked..;/ but it's simbol freedom :) nice post

    Erika says:

    I wish I dreamt so I could analyse them.... =[

    Anónimo says:

    Wow, I always find dreaming so entertaining. When I wake up I immediately forget what I dreamt about though... Going to attempt lucid dreaming this summer! Following

    Zach says:

    I love these infograph type pics, keep em coming!

    AP0976 says:

    Hmm, this might be useful. I tend to lucid dream a lot

    Marquall says:

    Nice diagram, thanks :)

    JoeyK says:

    Oh I love pictures like this. They really make you stop and think a bit

    Love the new design of this blog! And the picture too! Do you have connections with designers of something?

    I had a nightmare where I shooted a guy in the head like 10 times, and he was still alive and started chasing me, and I'm very anxious about everything xD It makes sense.

    Tom says:


    Fortune says:

    Very nice post, +1

    Too bad half these dreams/nightmares all relate to bad things.

    Too bad half of these relate to bad things.

    I've been working on lucid dreaming lately..

    TK1927 says:

    Awesome blog and great tips. Check out some of the stuff I have about dreaming on my blog.

    Andre says:

    This is great man!

    Admin says:

    Very interesting, thank you.

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