Having problems coosing a font?

No worries at all, check this out, it might be helpful if you're having trouble choosing a good font for whatever you're trying to do :)

Also a bit more info, just some font names, the most used ones of course, have fun.

And by the way, I'm sorry for not posting in a long time, really, i've been super busy, but remember that i'll be always checking the blog and all, don't worry. Have a great start of the week you all!

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures, I do not take the credit for them, just sharing, if there's some problem you can always contact me.

18 Response to "Having problems coosing a font?"

  1. Theses infos on fonts are really useful. Thank you a lot.

    Moobeat says:

    thats pretty awesome

    Kopite says:

    Good info on the fonts. What font do you use for this blog anyway?

    Chicity11 says:

    Cool info charts, following for more.

    Great pictures, saved!

    Following blog

    Cool stuff, it could be useful

    Das Auto! says:

    Good info man, i'll keep that in mind

    HiFi says:

    Awesome. Love these two charts. Fonts, so very important to know.

    linkszee says:

    I really like the periodic table of typefaces!

    Great info!
    Thanks! :D

    Jandro says:

    Yeah these are really informative and easy to follow. thanks for sharing.

    Dola says:

    naw i just go with the lame original xD

    Roysizzle says:

    LOL. Thanks but I like to stick to my arial narrow

    I'd print both as poster, they are pretty useful :D

    Anónimo says:

    Damn it, this is very useful, it wasn't before but now it is.

    Dola says:

    awesome post =D

    animestan says:

    Wow, I saved these pics, may come in handy someday. Props to whoever took the time to make these.

    I do need to check out some fonts. Thanks for the post.

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