A quick tip to remember

Well well well... It's 4 am in the morning and I cannot sleep. I saw this and thought it might be nice to share.
Some guy said this to a sad guy that was worried because he wanted to do something with his life, instead of being on the pc all day long:

"What do you like? Do you like music? Go to some shows, not
big shows, small ones. Like culture a bit? go to a fuckin' museum, like sports? (not probable), go to some park or something... go outside, watch how life happens, if someone stares at you, reply with a smile... talk to people... just some
ideas, in the small things you will find great sh!ts (in the good

Simple, yet important.

6 Response to "A quick tip to remember"

  1. linkszee says:

    lol i can not sleep either. Thank you for posting this though, i appreciate it. I need to take this advice and get off this dang computer more often!

    Nice tips !
    Important as you say

    Optimism always trumps pessimism.

    ok, great

    Roysizzle says:

    meh, i like chilling at home. Social life is important but too much of it makes me tired

    Lt Nite says:

    That was pretty inspirational :D

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