Kim Crawford Beats Her 5-Year-Old Son to Death for Breaking Their TV

Warning: The following story could make you a fan of forced sterility: 5-year-old Jamar Johnson was playing Wii last week at his family's apartment in the Bronx. Somehow he managed to break the TV, which young boys occasionally do. But his mom didn't chock it up to raising a boy...

Instead, 21-year-old Kim Crawford decided to go apeshit on the little kid. She smacked him in the stomach and back. And we're guessing those weren't love punches.

Over the next five days, Jamar was in brutal pain, vomiting and crying. He'd suffered severe internal injuries. But Crawford refused to take him to a doctor, worried that his bruises would land her ass in jail.

By Friday, his fingers were cold to the touch, so she finally called an ambulance. He would die that evening from an infection from a lacerated pancreas and intestine.

Crawford tried to claim that Jamar had suddenly became ill after falling in the park. But that explanation wasn't consistent with his injuries. She eventually broke down and admitted to hitting the boy, then failing to take him to the doctor to avoid her own arrest.

You won't be surprised that she's been in trouble with the law before. She has a history of arrests for drugs and assault, and the cops have been called to her home 9 times since 2006 over domestic beefs with Jamar's father.

Crawford's now charged with murder and manslaughter.


4 Response to "Kim Crawford Beats Her 5-Year-Old Son to Death for Breaking Their TV"

  1. linkszee says:

    thats terribly sad. some people just should not be allowed to keep their children.

    Lt Nite says:

    I have no idea why someone would do that to their child over something so stupid. People like that are monsters and deserve to be locked away for life.

    Anónimo says:

    That's shocking, he'll be behind jails for a long time.

    Roysizzle says:

    i lol'd

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